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A ancient Italian goddess,  considered to be the "Messiah of Witches."  According to Tuscan legend, Aradia was the daughter of the moon goddess Diana and Lucifer (whose name means "light bearer").  After dwelling in Heaven for part of her life,   Aradia's mother sent her down to Earth to teach the arts of magick to all Witches of the human race.  When her mission was completed,  she was recalled to Heaven and bestowed with the power to grant the desires of worthy Witches who invoked her.

According to Charles Godfrey Leland's "Aradia:  The Gospel of the Witches", to call upon Aradia, a Witch must enter a field at midnight bearing water, wine, a talisman, and a small red bag that is filled with salt and at all times held in the hand.  Before asking a favor from Aradia, the Witch must bless herself with the water and wine, and then recite her devotion to the goddess.

It is said that Aradia can bestow upon a Witch the secret knowledge and ability to conjure and communicate with spirits of the dead,  locate lost or hidden treasure, transform water into wine, divine the future by cards and palm reading, heal the sick, transform ugliness into beauty,  tame wild beasts, curse enemies, bless friends, and cast love spells.

Many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans consider Aradia to be a lunar deity lke her mother Diana,  and invoke her at Full Moon Esbats, as well as in other rituals and spellcastings.

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