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Our Airguns and Shooting

        Welcome, I am Robert and my son Robbie this is our page about the shooting of airguns both rifles and pistols.  I am 51 years old and married for 32 years and happy.  I am now disabled since having 4 heart attacks starting in 1997 and have had a small stroke in last year.  I can not do a lot of things but do really enjoy shooting;  my son Robbie now 26 years old (who is disabled with ADD) and has never gotten into anything with me until I showed him how to shoot with airguns and now he loves them with me.  So we spend a lot of time playing around and learning more about shooting as often as possible.


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We come Located in Cleburne about 30 miles South of Fort Worth Texas (Grin)

Some Pictures of my RWS 9b Pistol

Since my health problems I find that this 9b is really easy to cock only about 8 lbs. to cock spring part in sure to the ratchet way during cocking it then deliver about 460 Fps. (not really the 550 Fps. told however it works good enough). I have found that the trigger is very LIGHT (so be sure you are pointed SAFE).  I shoot around 50 to 150 pellets most every day and sometimes even more (what can I say, after all I did say I love shooting). in fact I have with only having this pistol about 2 months and have gotten to make on the left side were my right thumb just behind my "Safety" is now worn down from black to white metal.

We both shoot a lot of different types of targets (however 80% are made by each of us, and many other favorite things are dropping down a soup can, and standing (or sitting) shooting down from on our up porch to bounce the can all over the ground (as it change around into different place or distance (and soup cans, last quite longer since pellets don't always blast them apart as they do on soda cans (smile)). 

Some Pictures of Robbie with some of him Shooting with his Ben Sheridan HB-17 (2 Months Old he loves) and my Crosman 1377 (Made in 1977 and shoots great and thanks to the Crosman Company more about it, it even uses .177 pellets, and BB).

Roberts Guns: RWS 9b Pistol, Crosman 1377 Pistol, Gamo Sporter 500 Rifle.  Guns to Get Soon as I get my SSD/SSI  Diana 5-G Mag. Pistol, and Diana 46 UL (.177).

Robbies Guns: Ben-Sheridan HB017 Pistol, Ben-Sheridan 397 Rifle, Marksman 1798 Laserhawk Competition. Guns to Get Soon: Beeman Webley Hurricane Pistol.

As soon as I can get some pictures I will post up some pictures of our other airguns and other information.  Please note, all photos are online of INDEX types, if you want better of the FULL pictures just send me an email and I will try to send those to you in email. My address is  for me.

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